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New entry
On 2017/11/21-20:35:28 by gilles.
See: Cross Country, Ski

Promotion André Pageau Inc.
On 2015/08/29-10:07:12 by gilles.
See: Exhibitions

Salon International du livre de Québec
On 2015/08/29-10:04:59 by gilles.
See: Exhibitions

On 2015/08/22-10:19:09 by gilles.
See: Menu

Federation C.J.A.
On 2015/05/03-15:16:51 by gilles.
See: Association

Minnesota North Stars (1967-1993)
On 2012/06/26-12:47:43 by gilles.
See: Hockey

Events eye
On 2012/05/15-09:36:15 by gilles.
See: Agenda

Journalism events diary
On 2012/05/15-09:33:51 by gilles.
See: Agenda

Halifax Metro Centre
On 2011/04/26-09:32:06 by gilles.
See: Exhibition Hall

Halifax Forum
On 2011/04/26-09:21:03 by gilles.
See: Arena Exhibitions

Salle Redpath Universite Mc Gill
On 2010/10/25-18:46:25 by gilles.
See: Exhibition Hall

On 2010/06/16-13:49:02 by gilles.
See: NAC

Université De Montréal
On 2010/04/09-13:24:05 by gilles.
See: Exhibition Hall Universities

Las Vegas Convention Center
On 2010/03/26-10:46:18 by gilles.
See: Exhibition Hall

Hippodrome De Québec
On 2010/03/13-08:26:02 by gilles.
See: Horse Race Field

Associacao Industrial Portuguesa
On 2010/03/10-20:30:27 by gilles.
See: Association

Gamblers anonymes
On 2010/03/10-17:02:24 by gilles.
See: Association

AGECA Assn. générale étudiants CÉGEP Ahuntsic
On 2010/03/10-14:37:48 by gilles.
See: Association Education

CITEM Center For International Trade Expositions & Missions
On 2010/03/10-14:35:14 by gilles.
See: Exhibitions

The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council
On 2010/03/10-13:46:34 by gilles.
See: Exhibitions Jewelry

Canadian Embassy (Cuba)
On 2010/03/10-13:40:50 by gilles.
See: Embassies

Canadian Embassy in Tunisie
On 2010/03/10-13:22:08 by gilles.
See: Embassies

Canadian Embassy in Kinshasa
On 2010/03/10-13:19:40 by gilles.
See: Embassies

Canadian Embassy in San Jose Costa Rica
On 2010/03/10-13:10:57 by gilles.
See: Embassies

Canadian High Commission
On 2010/03/10-12:54:25 by gilles.
See: Embassies

Van Sluis Bv
On 2010/03/10-12:53:36 by gilles.
See: Exhibitions

Festivalna Septembri And Hristo Botev Halls
On 2010/03/10-12:33:25 by gilles.
See: Exhibitions

Taipei World Trade Center Exhi Cetra Exhibition Departement
On 2010/03/10-12:27:14 by gilles.
See: Exhibitions

China Foreign Trade Centre
On 2010/03/10-12:26:09 by gilles.
See: Internet

Canadian Embassy
On 2010/03/10-12:17:44 by gilles.
See: Ice Storm: Bulletin Board

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