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Air Miles
On 2018/02/07-17:54:24 by gilles.
See: Programme de fidelité

Gilles Proulx
On 2017/12/04-15:47:26 by gilles.
See: Journaliste

Saint-Onge, Rény Et Ass
On 2017/11/24-20:23:08 by gilles.
See: Agence artistique

Office Municipal d'habitation De Pointe-Calumet
On 2017/11/24-16:55:47 by gilles.
See: NEC

Opéra De Montréal
On 2017/01/12-15:12:35 by gilles.
See: Agence artistique

Marché Maisonneuve
On 2015/04/24-08:47:49 by gilles.
See: Marché public

André Mathieu, Éditeur
On 2015/04/24-08:42:52 by gilles.
See: Editeur de livres

On 2015/02/15-16:56:56 by gilles.
See: Télévision Radio communication

On 2014/10/01-07:37:35 by gilles.
See: Prive public secret

On 2014/08/12-11:00:10 by gilles.
See: Prive public secret

On 2014/08/12-10:59:30 by gilles.
See: Prive public secret

Olympiques spéciaux Québec
On 2012/12/09-12:13:56 by gilles.
See: Jeux (Sports)

Place Des Arts
On 2012/12/09-12:12:35 by gilles.
See: Salle de spectacle

The Chambre Of Commerce And Industry
On 2012/11/15-11:26:43 by gilles.
See: Consulats

Service Megatron
On 2012/08/23-09:32:42 by gilles.
See: Télécopieur, Publicité par

George Springate
On 2012/05/11-11:50:53 by gilles.
See: Politique provinciale

Anne Létourneau
On 2010/03/20-06:34:43 by gilles.
See: Qui est-ce?

Virginia Tech Bookstore
On 2010/03/19-12:42:02 by gilles.
See: Librairie

Prima Film
On 2010/03/13-08:52:06 by gilles.
See: Cinéma, Salle de

Canadian Chapter of the Intern. Council of Community Church (CCICCC
On 2001/03/22 by gilles.
See: Service des loisirs

Gilbert Huard
On 2000/08/31 by gilles.
See: Electronique

Canadian Small Business Institute
On 2000/01/27 by gilles.
See: Chambre de commerce

Canadian Alarm And Security Association
On 2000/01/27 by gilles.
See: Comptable

Jean-François Dubé NEC-Fidonet
On 1999/12/07 by gilles.
See: BBS

CRIM CTL: Centre de tests de logiciel
On 1999/12/07 by gilles.
See: Restaurants

Commission des valeurs Mobilières du Québec
On 1999/11/24 by gilles.
See: Association

IDG Books Worldwide Inc.
On 1999/11/09 by gilles.
See: Couvre plancher

Météo (Environnement Canada)
On 1999/10/23 by gilles.
See: Religion

On 1999/10/21 by gilles.
See: Internet, Fournisseur de services

Piscine De Montréal-Ouest
On 1999/09/13 by gilles.
See: Hockey

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